Are you licensed and insured? 


Yes we carry both workers comp insurance with Bridgefield and Liability insurance with Montgomery insurance.


Do you paint both interior and exterior? 


Yes we do paint both inside and outside.  All of our employees are capable of painting both interior and exterior but most of them specialize in one or the other.


What type of paint do you use? 


We usually use Sherwin Williams but we also have an account with Benjamin Moore and like both companies.  The most important thing to us is that we get the best possible paint for your specific project.  There are dozens of different paint choices and we make sure you are getting the correct products every time.


Who buys the paint? 


We will purchase the paint for your project.  When I provide you with a proposal I will give you both a material cost and a labor cost.  We get a pretty nice discount and we pass it on to our customers.


What do we have to do to get our house ready for you? 


Do we need to move all of the furniture to the middle of the floor?  In most cases all we need from you is to “declutter” the areas we will be painting.  If there is a bookshelf in the room remove some of the books or breakables so it will be easier for us to move.  Remove all loose items from the top of dressers and night stands and put away and loose items in the room.  We will do all heavy moving and we will protect all other furniture.  We have special sliders that we use for both carpet and hardwood floors that make it easy to move even the heaviest piece of furniture.


Do you use drop cloths to cover the floors? 


We use clean canvas drop cloths for the floors and we also use disposable light weight plastic to cover beds and other furniture.


Do I need to be home when you are painting my house? 


Most people can’t take off a week to sit around while we are repainting their home.  We can arrange a way to get into your home weather you leave a door open, leave a key or provide us with a garage door code.  We are used to painting homes while the owners are not there and we will leave it clean and ready for you when you get home.


Can you provide references? 


Yes we can.  We have testimonials posted on our web site and all over the internet.  I can also give you 2-3 phone numbers of customers who have had similar projects to yours completed.  I try to give references to each customer specific to their project.  I do not use the same three people every time I am asked for a reference.


Can you help us pick out colors? 


Even though I am in the painting business I am not really a good color person.  I always say that we are “putter oners not picker outers”.  If your project is over $1500.00 I will pay for a one hour color consultation with a local interior decorator and if your project is over $3000.00 I will pay for 2 hours.  These professionals are schooled in and study design and are much more qualified than I am.


Do you do wood rot repair? 


We can facilitate and repairs in need.  I work with several licensed contractors and I always have one of them help out with the repairs.  You really don’t want your painter to handle the wood rot repairs because they just aren’t trained properly for it.  Most of the time when a repair is needed it is caused by another problem.  If the problem is not fixed properly replacing the wood rot is only a temporary solution.  That is why we only use professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

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